Quantum for Government and Organizations Serving the Public Sector

D-Wave is the practical quantum computing company delivering real value for government agencies, national labs, systems integrators, and organizations serving the public sector. Quantum computing can help to strengthen national defense, intelligence, emergency response and management, energy reliability and resilience, and optimize infrastructure, while also enabling critical research.

Increasing Efficiency and Solving Mission-Critical Problems

Organizations and governments around the world are investing in quantum application development to increase operational efficiency, save money, advance sustainability efforts, improve safety, and secure a competitive edge. In the public sector, our partners have developed applications to optimize emergency services delivery, ease global supply chains, collect waste while reducing carbon emissions, schedule critical security employees, and support national security.

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A quantum-hybrid application focused on missile defense and homeland security analyzed more than 67 million possible solutions and generated an answer in approximately 13 seconds.

Davidson Technologies

Built to Solve Complex Optimization Problems

D-Wave's annealing quantum computers are ideal for combinatorial optimization problems with large numbers of variables and constraints. D-Wave's hybrid solvers, which automatically leverage both quantum and classical computing resources, can scale to solve large, multi-faceted challenges because they can quickly analyze a vast range of variables. There are a wide variety of public sector use cases that can be addressed using these solvers.

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Get to Quantum Faster with D-Wave

D-Wave offers a phased, consultative approach to assist organizations along their quantum journey to ensure demonstrable success, fast. Get started with quantum computing today by working with us on use case identification, problem exploration and formulation, and building real-world in-production quantum applications.

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Ready to Launch Your Quantum Project?

D-Wave Launch™ is designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery to production implementation and accelerate the quantum journey. Engage our in-house professional services teams and technical domain experts to help kick off your first quantum project, train your teams on quantum, and realize real business value faster.

Get Started with D-Wave Launch
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Problem Discovery

Identify your key quantum use cases, build a proof-of-concept plan, train your end users

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Quantum PoC

Build a working prototype or proof-of-concept using real application data, scope out production application roadmap

Production Pilot 01

Production Pilot

Build, test, and deploy a production application using a phased approach

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In Production

Deploy a live application at full production scale